Like most people in our field, you want to design and develop inspired products and services, work with smart people, and have a great time doing it. Unfortunately, you probably spend more time in endless meetings, putting out fires, and picking up the pieces of communications gone wrong.

In our workplaces, we have a crisis of teamwork. We have to work together — there's too much knowledge and expertise required for one person to do alone — yet we have little training and even fewer tools to do it.

What if you walked into work every day excited to be there? What if your team spent most of its time amplifying each other's brilliance? It's possible! Sarah and Radically Human have seen this happen with their clients over and over.

The Well-Designed Team is a mindset and an evolving system, designed by Sarah B. Nelson, to take the mystery out of group dynamics and make work WORK. Using a combination of participatory design and relationship systems intelligence, The Well-Designed Team works with common patterns and traps teams find themselves in and provides creative, soul-satisfying ways to get out of them.

In this half-day workshop, Sarah will teach you how to bring creative energy back into your team — and sustain that over a long period of time. In addition to processes, we'll explore the little-discussed (in tech) world of emotions, social dynamics, and physicality, so you can tap into what people are truly passionate about.

The techniques you learn here will complement your UX processes and can be easily included in kick-offs, retrospectives, collaborative workshops, war-rooms, and stand-ups.