UX careers are constantly evolving and the challenge of hiring and retaining talent has never been higher. This workshop leverages the design process to engage employees in designing their dream career and empowers managers with the right tools to support their employees as they grow.

UX positions are increasing in number and variety. What used to be a marginal practice is now core to product development. Increasingly, companies are become design-led. For many years discussions about formalizing our profession have spawned lively debates. While this framework, and workshop, is not the ultimate expression of the entirety of our career variations it is a huge step forward in establishing a common dialog about the specific aspects of UX careers and what makes them unique.

As UX professionals we spend a lot of time talking about a variety of design languages but relatively little time talking about or defining a language for planning and nurturing our careers.

As UX practitioners we need to take control of our careers and as managers we need to lay the groundwork for upcoming generations.

This workshop will leverage, and provide, a few key assets and concepts:

1. A career planning workbook.

2. A career and coaching framework for assessing individuals and teams.

3. Techniques for assessing both an employee’s skill set, morale, and aspirations.

Managers will leave the workshop with a formal structural understanding of the various dimensions (and sub-dimensions) that constitute a career in UX and how to apply this structure to their workplace. The primary goal is to facilitate conversations between managers and employees and empower the latter.

Individual contributors should leave the workshop with the same formal understanding of the dimensions related to their careers but with a focus on helping employees both plan their careers and initiate effective conversations with their managers.