MX 2014 | Brandon Schauer | The MX Outlook: Becoming & Leading

We have things to get done—envisioning, managing, team-building, delivering—but to what end? Brandon closes this year’s conference with a look at the brands and experiences that will win out over the long term. Not because of what they control, but because of the people that lead them and what they ask us to become.

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MX 2014 | Peter Merholz | Design Org Model. Such Power. Very Leverage. Wow.

As companies evolve away from 20th century product thinking to a 21st century service mindset, it's important that design organizations evolve with them. In this talk, Peter will present a new hybrid model for how design can integrate with the rest of the organization, where all design (marketing and product/service) is centralized as a function, and design teams partner in a deep, committed way across the business.

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MX 2014 | Wendy Lea | The Customer Experience Obsession

Customer Experience is now accepted as a key driver for business growth, regardless of industry. This view is supported by research showing that customer experience leaders have significantly, consistently out-performed the S&P 500 in recent years — but understanding the value of customer experience and transcending engrained organizational processes that hinder it are different matters.

MX: Managing Experience Videos

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MX 2014 | Josh Levine | Your Culture Control Panel: The 5 Ps of Employee Engagement

The ability to manage company culture in today’s rapidly changing workplace is the difference between industry leaders and losers. Because employee engagement is more important than ever before, managers must learn how to effectively lead and build robust cultures of their own.

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MX 2014 | Chris McCarthy | Don't Forget the Organization!

Don’t Forget the Humans (UX – 2010) explored the magic of being an internal design team. With success comes, new challenges and expectations.

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MX 2014 | Leah Buley | The Marriage of Corporate & UX Strategy: A Case Study

An important question for those practicing UX strategy is "what's our engagement model with the rest of the organization?" In large organizations a variety of models are possible, from embedding with cross functional teams to working in functional silos, to a central consulting model. We don't often work directly with groups like Corporate Strategy, but when we do the impact can be quite significant.

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MX 2014 | Livia Labate | Digital Governance: Getting Your Act Together & Keeping It That Way

As organizations pursue growth strategies by expanding their reach and making themselves more relevant through digital experiences, greater complexity and coordination become challenges to offering a cohesive service to users. Effective and sustainable delivery relies on a governance framework that is flexible and reliable; a true platform for sustainable growth.

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MX 2014 | Bill Scott | Bringing Change to Life

Change in an organization is really hard. This is especially true when a company that was once on the forefront of innovation finds itself having lost that luster through its own growth & success.

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MX 2014 | Leslie Mottla | The “HOW” & “WHY” of Building Customer Experience-Focused Teams & Organizations

A focus on customer experience is crucial to the success of any organization - so why is it still so few organizations dedicate people and teams to improving this daily? A focus on experience design and execution will make your customers come back again & again - there is real business value to focusing on experience! On average, an industry’s customer loyalty leader outgrows its competitors by a factor greater than two times. But how do you make the case to have customer experience be a key role, business strategy and discipline, whether you’re a start-up or Fortune company? Lesley made the strong case at Zipcar to create a team solely focused on the member experience.

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MX 2014 | Malini Bakshi Leveque | Designing the Way Forward: Integrating User Experience & Design with Agile Development

To create successful products, Agile needs to synergistically incorporate UX design with software development. This session in the story of the UX team’s journey of building and implementing a common user experience including a UI platform, user centered design process, flows and best practices.

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MX 2014 | Michael Kim | Designing Sustainable Behavior-Change with Habit Design

Designing systems that truly change individual and organizational behavior over the long-term and lead to lasting, sustainable results is the ultimate challenge for experience designers and is the sole focus of the Habit Design™ research cooperative. Instead of relying on motivational approaches that try (and often fail) to increase willpower, winning behavior-change solutions train groups to practice small, positive, sustainable daily habits that become routinized and eventually institutionalized.

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MX 2014 | John Setzen | Designing Informed Experiences and Fighting the Good Fight

After years of client services, I moved in-house to re-focus on serving a community I, not only admired, but was a part of (web designers and developers). As a long time customer and evangelist, I took over as creative director at web hosting company (mt) Media Temple.

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MX 2014 | J Galen Buckwalter | The Resilient Life: Get Your Allostasis On

Every time we are threatened, or perceive a threat, a cascade of hormones floods our brain and body. Modern neuroscience is discovering there is an equally powerful physiological and psychological drive to bring our stress reactivity back to normal.

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MX 2014 | Todd Wilkens | A New Era of Design at IBM

IBM has a strong pedigree in design and at many points designers have occupied a central and foundational role in the organization. Recently, IBM has embarked on a massive transformation focused on integrating design and user experience practice back into the core of everything the company does.