Tracey varnell mx2015

Successful product and service design isn't created by solitary geniuses. It's a whiteboard-to-boardroom team effort.

That team effort requires the bravery to truly understand your customer, the humility to experiment, and the gumption to see it through.

Tracey has fifteen years of hands-on experience building digital products and services in agency, start-up, and traditional product development environments. Throughout her career, she has focused on refining the experience design process to build successful products more efficiently.

Before joining Adaptive Path, Tracey was Director of Product Experience for a health & wellness start-up, a UX Lead at Roundarch Isobar, and a Lead Experience Architect at EffectiveUI.

She’s worked on challenging problems in many spaces—Insurance, Healthcare, Military, Entertainment, Financial Services, Publishing, Telecommunications, Retail, Travel, and Education.

Tracey’s goal is to help organizations understand their customers better, encourage cross-functional collaboration, maximize the quality of solutions, and create a shared vision through participatory design, decrease risk through rapid prototyping, and increase speed to market through streamlined design processes.

When she’s not consumed with client challenges, Tracey is a food and cocktail hobbyist and a live music enthusiast, and true to her southern roots, she’s a sucker for a good story.

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