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Laura joined Adaptive Path in 2002 as the company's first client relations manager. She has been responsible for bringing in creatively exciting work our teams can sink their teeth into, and strategically hand-picking project teams best suited to each of our client's specific needs. Some of those clients include CNN, Twitter, Nokia, Flickr, UCSF, Ameriprise, HGTV, and Cathay Pacific. In 2005, she was named VP of Professional Services and began managing Adaptive Path's robust consulting line of business. In 2010, she brought her ability to balance the financial, creative, and human aspects of the company to the role of General Manager. Laura makes sure we keep our staff creatively challenged so that they can do the best possible work.

Prior to joining Adaptive Path, Laura worked with sales and events teams for a variety of CMP Media publications, including New Architect Magazine; Wall Street and Technology; and Technology and Learning. She also spent several years in the financial services industry as a client relations manager, operations associate, and trade assistant. She got her start managing events for the Michigan Society of Planning, which helped people understand how planning and zoning would impact their communities, which she says felt a lot like UX work.

Laura has an intellectual crush on her colleagues. She loves: her family and friends, science fiction, beer, pretty things, soccer, and the great outdoors (not necessarily in that order).

She probably swears too much in the workplace. But she's working on it.

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