Dia penning mx 2015

Dia Penning is an education activist and reformer. She holds a Masters in Interdisciplinary Arts from Columbia College Chicago and has designed curriculum for many organizations, including the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and San Francisco Arts Commission. Additionally, she has served in education leadership for a number of highly regarded non-profits, colleges and universities. Dia challenges established institutions to bring those at the margins into the center, through equity learning, social justice and creative transformation. In her role as Curriculum Director at World Trust Education Services, she leads the creation of their Racial Equity Learning Modules, a comprehensive curriculum in diversity.

Dia Penning is a connector of ideas, people, feelings, and thoughts. She uses breath work, the arts, media literacy and intimate conversation to get at the heart of assumptions and habitual behavior. She believes that you use the form to teach the form. Meaning, if you want equity, strong community, and creative communication, Dia will present you with the best practices to support your development while you participate in this very behavior. Dia is an expert facilitator with 15+ years in the field, an open heart and a very sharp wit.

She is a certified yoga instructor who founded My Prana Project, a group that offers sliding scale and community yoga.

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