Making the transition from leading a team of designers, even a large team, to leading all of Product Development may seem intimidating to some. That’s what I found when I took on the role of VP of Product for a top 300 website. People began asking me, “how did you do that?” and “weren’t you scared?” and even, “is your entire life spreadsheets?”

Certainly, my role involves more spreadsheets than I might ordinarily choose to confront, but it also presents me with a host of challenges that I’ve been hungry for my entire life. How many times have you wondered, “is this really a design challenge? Or are we designing around technology?” Or maybe you find yourself wondering, “has anyone considered the implications of this business model on users?” Taking on leadership of design, product management and engineering positions you securely at the table as the person who can do what really needs to be done.

The task isn’t easy, and making your case about why you should lead may bring up some anxiety or imposter syndrome. In this session, we will connect the UX “superpowers” that you already possess that make you an excellent candidate to be in charge of it all. I’ll share how I made this transition and what I’ve learned that you can use in your own career evolution.